Support to the Association Agreement Programme

Celebrating the completion of Animal Disease Monitoring and Control Policies and Practices in Egypt


In celebration of completing the Twinning Project “Animal Disease Monitoring and Control Policies and Practices in Egypt”, The Egyptian General Authority for Veterinary Services (GOVS), together with The Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority in the Netherlands and The French International Veterinary have held a closing conference on 13 April 2011; with the coordination and supervision of the PAO-SAAP.

The project that started on October 31, 2008 and ended in April 21, 2011 has achieved its objectives and the expected impact according to the implementation plan and timeframe. Consequently, GOVS have expressed their interest to proceed with a new Twinning project and have conceived a working paper that reflects the challenges to be overcome in the coming period.
SAAP will continue to support the GOVS with a Supply Contract during June 2011 for provision and installation of 2 servers, 3 personal computers, 54 computer, a video conference system, an average power generator, and a Central Telephone Switchboard with the capacity of 120 lines.