Support to the Association Agreement Programme

Signature of the Egyptian National Indicative Program (2011-2013)


In the context of Mr. Stefan Fuele the EU commissioner for Enlargement and the Neighbourhood Policy visit To Egypt on the 11th and 12th of October, 2010, Egypt and the European Union signed a number of agreements for financial cooperation, which totaled about 619 million Euros, non refundable grants (5 billion Egyptian pounds) in the presence of H. E. Prime Minister Nazeef, Minister of Health, Minister of Finance, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Electricity and Minister of International Cooperation.
The agreements include:
• the Support to the Association Agreement Program which supports the institutional capacity building of the Egyptian governmental institutions and Legislative approximation between the EU and Egypt, the program was allocated 20 million Euros .
• Memorandum of Understanding for the Egyptian National Indicative Program 2011/2013 which amounts of  449 million Euros for the implementation of the economic and social reform 
•Support to the rural development program which aims at contributing to poverty reduction, development of economic and social conditions of the poor in rural areas through increasing the productivity of irrigation lands program was granted 10 million Euros.
• The implementation of primary health care strategy, which was allocated 110 million Euros. 
• The wind farm project in khalig El Zeit which was granted 30 million Euros.