Support to the Association Agreement Programme

The signature of the twinning project on " Reforming Railway Safety Regulation, Procedures and Practices "


The contract for the twinning project on ‘Assistance to the Egyptian Ministry of Transport for Reforming Railway Safety Regulation, Procedures and Practices' was signed on 6 December 2007 by the Egyptian National Railways, affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and the French Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure, Tourism and Sea. This twinning project is worth 1,600,000 Euros and its implementation phase will take 24 months. 

The planned outcomes of the project are:

- To strengthen the institutional capacity of railway administration 
- To improve the legislative and regulatory framework
- To improve rail freight and passenger transport safety by adapting existing systems and procedures according to European Directives
- The preparation and implementation of an overall Safety Management System. 

The project activities are grouped into the following main components:

1. setting safety policy and legislation and establishing an independent accident investigation body
2. the creation and organisation of the MoT Railway Safety Regulator Unit (RSRU) in preparation for its role as the overall regulatory body in charge of defining and approving safety rules and providing licenses.
3. reviewing government policies for restructuring the railway sector
4. reviewing the current accident database
5. introducing procedures for audit programmes, hazard identification and risk assessment
6. developing the safety skills of ENR personnel