Support to the Association Agreement Programme

The signature of the twinning project on " Institutional Building and Legislation Approximation in Maritime Safety "


The contract for the twinning project on ‘Institutional Building and Legislation Approximation in Maritime Safety' was signed on 26 February 2007 by the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety and the Swedish Maritime Administration. The project was worth 1,400,000 Euros and its implementation phase took 24 months.

The twinning project aimed to support the amendment of regulations, improve flag state and port performance, provide training services, establish a quality management system and deliver good management information. The twinning partner was the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA).

The project activities were grouped into the following main components: 

1.Upgrading ship safety and navigational safety
2.Flag State implementation
3.Port State control
4.Accident investigation
5.Improving EAFMS efficiency
6.Training and awareness
7.Efficient information and documentation system
8.Implementation of a Quality Management System

The planned outcomes of the project were:

- The adoption and implementation of a comprehensive set of safety regulations covering all types of Egyptian flag ships
- Credible Port State Control in all Egyptian ports
- A fully operational Accident Investigation Bureau
- An operational Quality Management System ready for ISO 9001 certification