Support to the Association Agreement Programme

The signature of the twinning project on " Institutional Strengthening of the Egyptian Tourism Authority "


The contract for the twinning project on the ‘Institutional Strengthening of the Egyptian Tourist Authority' was signed on 26 February 2007 by the Egyptian Tourism Authority, affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism and the Austrian Agency for Economic Development. The project is worth 2,300,000 Euros and its implementation phase took 24 months.

Its overall objective was to contribute to the sustained growth of the tourism sector in Egypt as well as maximising the sector's contribution to economic development and job creation. 

The project sought to achieve a number of tangible results, ranging from the modernisation of the ETA's management practices and streamlining the organisational structure to the introduction of international and EU marketing techniques and developing the skills and competencies of key ETA staff members to help them carry out their duties to international standards, particularly in the fields of marketing operations, research and planning, IT and human resource development.