Support to the Association Agreement Programme

Launching Institutional twining project for NAQAAE


In order to strengthen the core functions of the NAQAAE and, in turn, to support the Egyptian Education and Training system in achieving the standards of quality in line with the National strategy framework and the Egyptian Government reform's agenda. The project aims at strengthening the institutional and technical capacity of the NAQAAE as the national authority on accreditation and quality assurance in line with the relevant European best practices in standards, norms and processes in education utilizing a budget of €1.3 million (= LE10.3 million) for two years with the Finnish Education Evaluation Council (Finland as a Senior Partner and the Federal Republic of Germany as a Junior Partner).

In this context, the twinning project develops trainings and strategies to strengthen NAQAAEs institutional capacity to develop and implement strategies of quality assurance and supporting the Education system in Egypt. Also, NAQAAEs staff capacities (internal and external) are to be reinforced to coordinate and perform actions and strategies of accreditation and quality evaluation. Also, to support the identification of a normative and organisational framework that enables NAQAAE, the legal and regulatory framework of NAQAAE has to be enhanced, to work for the further alignment of the Education sector with the applicable EU standards and the best practices at MS level, together with a strategy containing the priorities and methodologies for such alignment.