Support to the Association Agreement Programme

SAAP launches the PVTD Institutional Twining Project


Seeking to enhance the role of PVTD in managing to play an effective role to improve the quality of the Egyptian workforce in order to raise international competitiveness and to accomplish its role and mandate by enhancing its capacity and capabilities in the field of VET, the twinning Project “Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Productivity and Vocational Training Department (PVTD) within the vocational training system in Egypt” was launched in 2012 with a budget of €1,300,000. 

The project's activities are divided under four main components that are the Legal and Regulatory, the Organization and Management, Capacity Building, and Marketing and Community Awareness & Partnership with Private Sector. The European partners selected are Finland (as the lead partner) and the Netherlands (as a junior partner) that will be working with the PVTD for the next two years to complete the activities under the earlier mentioned components.