Support to the Association Agreement Programme



The Support to the Association Agreement Program (SAAP), Ministry of International Cooperation and the European Union Delegation (EUD)  to Egypt are jointly organizing a conference on Metrology on Tuesday 24 April, 2012 at the Egyptian National Metrology Institute (NIS). Under the auspices of H. E. Minister Fayza Abul Naga Minister of International Cooperation, H. E. Minister Nadia Zakhari Minister of Scientific Research and H. E. Ambassador James Moran head of the European Union Delegation to Egypt. 

In the Context of establishing an open market Between Egypt and the European Union, the EU is supporting a two year project for the National Institute for Standards  (NIS) aiming at Building the institutional and technical capacities of the Egyptian National Institute of Standards In The Field of Metrology to strengthen the international recognition of NIS.

NIS is responsible for the Egyptian measurement standards and for the equivalence to the international standards. Equivalence of the Egyptian measures is an essential requirement for Egyptian producers to have their products accepted in the international market. Metrology is important because commerce, trade, and regulations are dependent on correct and reliable weights and measures. Moreover, Science is completely dependent on correct measurements. That is why in Egypt metrology is the responsibility of the scientific institute NIS. 

 During the conference, Experts from EU countries will present ideas for an improvement of the Law on Metrology in Egypt. They will explain the concept of the European open market and how to support NIS to improve its international recognition.. Better competitiveness of Egyptian producers means more trade with Europe, better economy, and more jobs. 

For more information please contact:
Amira Mekeimar SAAP (tel no 002 02 27 92 34 38)
Nabila Massrali  EUD  (tel no 002  02 37494680)
Abel Rahman NIS (tel. no 002 02  33889760)
Place of Conference: NIS, Tersa Street 63, Giza.