Support to the Association Agreement Programme

SAAP/PAO comprehensive training and capacity building plan


SAAP/PAO is pleased to announce the launch of its comprehensive training and capacity building plan targeting the Public Administrations in Egypt. 
The plan is inaugurated with the conduction of a series of information sessions at the premises of SAAP/PAO at 9, Abdel Kader Hamza St. – Garden City - Cairo, Egypt. 

These information sessions will be the starting point towards addressing the needs of SAAP stakeholders in a practical and helpful way. These sessions will be complemented by workshops and training seminars that will allow the SAAP/PAO to best utilize its resources in transferring knowledge and expertise to the stakeholders with the support of the Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation and the European Union Delegation to Egypt as well as international and national service providers. 

On Wednesday 11 April 2012, the first information session will be conducted on “Rules and Procedures–Procurement” to take the SAAP/PAO staff through the key elements and basics of EC rules and procedures – from introducing the PRAG and its structure, to how to procure services or supplies.
This information session is the first of a long series aiming at bringing together SAAP/PAO staff to allow them to develop their existing skills, keep them up-to-date with the latest developments related to the topic, whilst acquiring specialist knowledge, and create an environment in which participants can work in a better and smother way with one another.