Support to the Association Agreement Programme

The Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX) is an additional tool for institutional capacity building for Egyptian governmental and semi-governmental institutions. It can be used over a wide range of fields providing short-term technical assistance, in line with overall Egyptian and EU priorities.

TAIEX  is a quick, demand-driven instrument and a flexible tool that can also be used to identify possible future Twinning opportunities. TAIEX procedures are simple enough to have a TAIEX intervention in place in 5 to 6 weeks period.

What can TAIEX provide?

  • Expert missions to provide guidance and advice on legislative projects and the EU acquis communautaire and best provide a large number of Egyptian beneficiaries with expertise on an in-demand topic. These can be organised at the local, regional, and multi-country level.
  • Study tours to allow Egyptian officials understand how EU Member States deal with practical issues related to the implementation and enforcement of the acquis communautaire.

SAAP manages TAIEX operations in Egypt on a decentralised basis through an appointed National Contact Point (NCP). All requests are collected, filtered and examined at SAAP before being forwarded to the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels. Most importantly, SAAP advises on the relevance and eligibility of operations, within the context of the EU-Egypt Association Agreement and the Action Plan, while guiding and assisting applicants in formulating and submitting requests. These requests are then processed by the EU Delegation in Cairo.

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Documents for download :

  • Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) PROJECTS