Support to the Association Agreement Programme

The recourse to the Technical Assistance tool is usually used by the Programme as an intermediate mean to a subsequent Twinning Project. Some of the Beneficiary's authorities interested in a Twinning project might be judged, following assessment mission performed by European experts, not fully ready to start this advanced assistance tool of Twinning. In this case, the Technical Assistance is used for the capacity building of the beneficiary institution to reach the level where it would be easy to find for it a counterpart performing its same mandate in the European Member States.

The Technical Assistance projects are performed throughout several phases, which are:


Phase I: Project Preparation:

  • Recruiting a European based consulting firm to prepare a Tender Dossier (TD) for the project. The major and most important document included in this tender dossier is the Terms of Reference (ToR) which shall include, among others, the objective of the project, its purposes, the expected results, the activities to be carried out, the profile of the required experts, the duration and the budget of the project.
  • The preparation of the TD implies the execution of several field visits to the potential Beneficiary institution by the team of experts assigned this duty to assess the capacities and needs of the institution.
  • Once the Tender Dossier is prepared, a Procurement Notice (PN) is to be published on the Europe Aid website informing the European side about the launching of this new project. The PN includes most importantly the selection and award criteria to be applied while evaluation received proposals.
  • The European consulting companies interested in the implementation of this project should send official applications to the SAAP expressing their interest, enclosing the relevant required documents and the CVs of their proposed experts to work on the project. These applications should be sent within 30 days of the PN publishing date.
  • An evaluation committee, which includes representatives from the Beneficiary institution, holds a meeting to evaluate the received applications and select a shortlist of candidates which would be invited to submit an official tender for the Project, using the TD previously prepared during the first phase.


Phase II: Selection:

The shortlisted entities should send their complete TDs within a time limit to be determined by the Contracting Authority and which shall not be below a 50 days period. The same previous evaluation committee holds a new meeting to evaluate the received TD based on the submitted technical and financial offer. At the end of this meeting prior to the consultation and voting process of the committee members, one of the bidding companies is selected as the winner to carry out this project  


Phase III: Contracting:

A contract is prepared through the cooperation between the European and Egyptian partners.


Phase IV: Implementation of the Project.




Documents for download :

  • Technical Assistance PROJECTS