Support to the Association Agreement Programme

General Secretariat of the Egyptian European Association Agreement

The Prime Minister's decision number 1481 for the year 2004 established three executive secretariats in the Ministries of Trade and Industry, Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation. Consecutively Minister of International Cooperation issued the decision No. 113 in 2005 establishing the Support to the Association Agreement Program, to assume the task of implementing the Association Agreement and the management of the technical assistance and twinning projects. 

The secretariat of the Egyptian-European Association Agreement in the Ministry of International Cooperation handles the following tasks: 

  • Support the Egyptian-European partnership, by supporting the efforts of ministries and agencies and state institutions to implement the goals of the EEAA and the stimulation of the political dialogue between both entities, promoting financial and economic cooperation, also, financing development programs, and to maintain the cultural and social dialogue. 
  • Strengthening the Egyptian institutions by benefiting from the development aid provided by the EEAA aiming at institutional capacity building, improving the economic climate and regulatory framework, and benefiting from the European best practices.
  • Coordinating the sub-committees meetings responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Egyptian European Association Agreement and Action Plan in different areas.

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